Aircraft Protection Technologies


Aircraft Protection Technologies info B.V. is a privately held company founded to provide a framework for developing new technology applications in aerospace.

Advanced applications of laser technology that have been undervalued offer cost effective solutions that meet specific market niches.

The establishment of APTinfo allows a larger scope of operation and investment in new technology development.

APTinfo has filed patents for advanced laser technology for counter-drone applications specifically to address the challenging environment of civil airport operations.

Together with investment partners, the goal is to develop systems from concept through prototype demonstration to deployment in the civil aerospace market.


APTinfo BV is pleased to announce

the acquisition of 

The APTinfo B.V. founder is William Caplan, MSE.  Since 2006, operating as NIRCM, we has provided engineering consultancy in infrared & electro-optic systems for military and civilian applications. 

Over 30 years of experience in electronic warfare, weapon systems and sensors is available as an independent consultant to address customer’s needs in concept development, requirements definition, design, test and evaluation of sensor and countermeasure systems.

Now, in order to allow a larger scope of operation and investment in new technology development, NIRCM is part of Aircraft Protection Technologies 

APTinfo status and the COVID-19 impact

Development of laser counter-drone technology is in its initial stages; market evaluation, requirements definition, system requirements and prototype design are the next steps.  In practical terms the majority of this work can be accomplished with flexibility and remote working. Following official advice, we will not put collaborators and fellow citizens at risk.

Thinking in short, medium, and long term time frames we take this approach:

Economic impacts across the world economy and especially aerospace are a major concern.  Our approach is that any activity that continues to push for the future is a positive contribution to the community and a strong indication that we all as a community will persevere and overcome in the long run.  Flexibility and adaptation will be required.

In the mean time, Bad Actors in this world do not relent and indeed history has shown that they often are quick to take advantage of adversity for their own distorted goals.  The need to protect threatened infrastructure has not diminished and most likely the urgency has increased. We will continue to pursue progress.